A sagging roof is common in older homes. Sometimes minor damage to the roof can grow into a bigger problem when it allows the elements to permeate the substructure. That’s why it’s important to have your roof regularly inspected.

The solution for a sagging roof largely depends on the extent of the damage and the reason why the sagging has occurred. Any sagging can be harmful to your home’s structure and should be repaired before the damage gets worse. Our roofing company can help you determine why your roof is sagging and what solutions can be used to fix it.

Causes of a Sagging Roof

The causes of a sagging roof include everything from water damage to old age. Any sagging can be harmful to your home’s structure and should be repaired before the damage gets worse.

Water Damage

Water damage can lead to severe sagging in any roof. In the event that your roof doesn’t properly drain snow-melt or rainwater, the extra moisture could get into the sheathing and cause it to rot. The roof will then begin to sag in the affected area. This issue can be prevented by having the sheathing replaced with newer materials.

Heavy Loads

Another reason why roofs sag is because of too much weight being placed on the roof. Excessive rain during storms can collect on the roof and cause undue pressure, especially if there are problems with the drainage system. If you want to prevent heavy loads from building up on your roof, make sure that ice and snow are removed regularly and that gutters and downspouts are clear.

Uneven weight distribution can also create problems with the internal structure of an older roof. This issue could be caused by improper roof repair and maintenance that created numerous layers of shingles on your roof. Always call the pros, even for minor repairs, before it ends up costing you more in the long run.

Old Age

Certain roofs will sag due to old age. Even though maintaining the roof should keep it from deteriorating quickly, the structure will eventually begin to break down. In this scenario, it’s possible that the only solution is to have your entire roof replaced.

Materials are Too Small

Another cause of roof sagging problems involves structural materials and components that are too small. Let’s say your roof requires a 2×6 board to serve as a rafter. If a 2×4 piece is installed instead, your roof might start to sag and eventually collapse. If your roof doesn’t contain enough internal bracing, the walls in your home could begin to spread outwards, which leads to a sagging roof.

How to Fix Sagging Roofs

Fixing a sagging roof isn’t a simple task. If your roof has a more traditional design that includes a rafter-style frame, there are several potential remedies, depending on the cause of its issue and its severity. Reinforcing the internal framing may be provide your roof with the support it needs. However, the roofing material might need to be replaced completely. If you have a truss-style roof, issues with sheathing could be corrected by having the sheathing replaced. When the sagging is severe, the issue may be caused by the home’s original construction.

If modifications have been made after the initial construction, you should have them examined to make sure that the work was done properly. When you call us, we can give you recommendations on how the sagging in your roof can be repaired. Make sure you document all damage to your roof, which will help us identify the damage’s extent. If the problem is relatively minor in severity, it could be fixed by adding supports and struts, replacing shingles, or repairing loose rafters. To protect yourself and your home, always have professionals work on your roof.

When you call our team at Miller Storm Roofing & Reconstruction about sagging issues with your roof, we’ll perform an in-depth inspection to determine the cause. We’ll then provide you with an accurate cost estimate for replacement or repairs. We can repair and replace any type of roof that’s currently installed on your Fort Worth, TX home. Our team has ample experience with metal and shingle roofing materials.

If your roof has recently been damaged and you need to file a homeowners insurance claim, we’ll work closely with your insurance provider to help you receive full compensation. At Miller Storm Roofing & Reconstruction, we also offer solar panel installation services if you’d like to reduce your monthly energy bills. Call us today to request our repair services or learn more about what we offer.

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