If you’re planning to have your roof replaced, you’ll want to acquire the best roofing material for the job. With so many options available, you may become overwhelmed as you make your decision of what to use. When you get ahold of the certified roofers from Miller Storm Roofing & Reconstruction, you have a dedicated team in Fort Worth, TX that provides the highest-quality material.

Determining the Best Material for Your Roof

When you are in search of the best material for your roof, it is good to know that, while clay tiles and slate roofs have reputations for being long-lasting, you can’t go wrong with the material as long as the roof has been installed properly. Plus, there is no difference in each material’s purpose, which is to protect the inhabitants.

Your options when choosing roofing materials range from slate, wood and asphalt shingles to clay or concrete tiles and metal panel or shingle roofs. Asphalt shingles are made with asphalt, ceramic and fiberglass materials, which makes the shingle particularly strong and waterproof. Metal roof materials include aluminum and zinc, which are the most affordable as well as stainless steel and, the most expensive of the four, copper.

What You Should Think About When Choosing Your Roofing Material

As you decide on the type of material to use for your roof, you need to keep a few things in mind. Thinking about certain factors like your budget will assist greatly in making your choice. Below, here are four factors that you need to consider in your choice of roofing material.

1. The Roof’s Appearance

Although you may have an idea of what the roofing material will look like once applied, the professional roofers at Miller Storm Roofing & Reconstruction will help you to achieve the look you want. For asphalt shingles, you can choose from the standard three-tab style, luxury or dimensional architectural shingles. Since these materials are used more than any other material, they do not provide a unique look to your roof although you’ll have your pick of a variety of color options. You can also rest assured that asphalt roofing is durable. Metal roofs provide a contemporary look that’s great for harsh weather like extreme heat because they’re reflective.

2. Your Budget

Your roofing material will have different costs involved. As you decide on the material, you also need to keep your budget in mind. When you are trying to stay within a smaller budget, then the asphalt shingle will be a good choice. If you have more to invest in your overhead shelter, metal roofs are pricier but they last longer. Slate is one of the most expensive roofing materials but highly sustainable and fire-resistant. Regardless of what your budget is, the material you invest in needs to be the highest quality so that your roof lasts for years.

3. The Material Lasts

When deciding on the best roofing material, you need to ensure that it will last for years. With the material being an investment, you know it should be able to last. When you consider how long the material lasts, you will not need to replace it for at least 25 years. You can get this long lifespan from both

4. The Material’s Warranty

When you purchase the roofing material, it will have a warranty that comes along with it. The warranty on the material is an important aspect of your material and will keep your investment protected for as long as the warranty states. A good example of this is the asphalt shingle. Each shingle that you use is manufacturer warranted.

Do You Have Your Roofing Material In Mind?

Now that you have an idea of what to keep in mind about the best roofing material, you also need to consider who should be installing it. This is where Miller Storm Roofing & Reconstruction comes in. We will give you an estimate that is fair and ensure that you remain within budget.

Besides providing you with the best material, we can provide you with other services such as roof repair, roof inspections, and fix storm damage. Our staff can also help with insurance claims. We specialize in metal and shingle roofing. After you contact us here at Miller Storm Roofing & Reconstruction, we will get all of your roofing needs met with the best material available. So get in touch today for a consultation.

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