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- Debbie

- Vidya

"We just had our Roof done by Miller Storm. Jay was so professional and walked us through the whole process. I opened a claim and they did all the rest. Very easy to work with and the best quality and professionalism in the industry. I highly recommend this company and their whole team. All the way through the process, they communicate everything going on. If there was any questions, they had the right answer. Got my roof and gutters done. Will definitely use them again if I ever have to get another roof. Let them know that I sent you."

- Kevin F. Google Icon

"These guys were absolutely awesome. My insurance company and my mortgage company were both incredibly difficult throughout the process. However Miller Storm Restoration was patient and helpful throughout the process and stayed in great communication even when I was busy and not getting to things as fast as I should have been. The work was outstanding. It was done quickly and efficiently. They fixed multiple issues we had with storm damage. Absolutely recommend these guys to anyone. Logan was awesome to work with from start to finish!"

- Ben M. Google Icon

"I've had some very valuable exprences because of my exposure to home improvement contractors. I'm sure this post will not be received as I would like but, here goes. The number one motivation for most of the project managers is profit. I never got vibe from the reps at Miller Storm, not only that the evidence spoke for itself at the end of the project. My experience with Miller has left me perfectly satisfied, and confident that when any remodel, or home repair projects come, I won't be needing quotes. Just show me where to sign."

- John M. Google Icon

"Miller Storm did a great job replacing my roof, gutters and several windows after the April 2021 hail storm. Jordan was my contact person and he was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful in getting through this process with our insurance company and mortgage company. We've even had people call Miller Storm because they were impressed with the look of our new roof!"

- Kathy F. Google Icon

"Cole and Blake were very nice and professional. They made my roof inspection and installation very easy for me. They even dealt with the insurance company to the point of me barely needing to lift a finger. I liked their professionalism and quality of work so much that I am getting bids for other home improvements. Will definitely use them again!"

- Donna T. Google Icon

"Cole and Blake were very nice, very knowledgeable, and very professional. My roof inspection, insurance claim, and installation was done in a timely fashion, with them handling 95% of everything so I didn’t have to. Everything was done at a top tier quality, and I am seeking more work from Miller on other areas of my home. Many thanks to both of them, and I will continue to recommend them to anyone interested."

- Nathan R. Google Icon

"Walter walked me through each step of the process of getting my roof and gutters replaced. He was a true professional and was always available to answer any questions I had. I would highly suggest Miller Storm Restoration and use them again."

- Tommy C. Google Icon