At Miller Storm Roofing & Reconstruction, we’re the experts to count on when it comes to roof replacement in Southlake, TX. Our professional roofers understand the value of your roofing structure. That’s why we deliver exceptional replacement services to ensure you always have a protective roof over your head. Whether you need a roof installation or replacement service, our roofers will arrive at the appointment promptly and be sufficiently equipped for the task. Plus, we won’t leave your premises until you’re fully satisfied with our services.

Trusted Roof Replacement in Southlake

As a homeowner, you’ll likely know when you need a roof replacement service. Perhaps your roofing system has lived beyond its stipulated lifespan, or your roof experiences frequent and costly repairs. Maybe your roof’s insulation and ventilation are damaged beyond repair, or it seriously leaks during rainfalls. A deteriorated roof poses serious health and safety risks, so you’ll want to contact professionals for a replacement right away whenever you notice an alarming issue. After all, getting a new roof is a great investment in your property.

There are many signs to look out for that can help indicate when to replace your roof.
  • Saggy roof
  • Missing gutters, shingles, and other parts
  • Lots of moss growth
  • Outdated roof

Many of our clients want to know about the cost of a new roof installation. The cost of installation varies from one case to another, as multiple factors influence it. One factor is roof size. Generally, bigger roofs will cost more money than smaller ones. Another factor is material, as some roofing materials are much more expensive per square foot than others. Your roof’s pitch and design can also influence the installation cost. Roofs with steep pitches and more complex designs will attract more fees since installing them can be challenging and time-consuming.