Let our experts at Miller Storm Roofing & Reconstruction handle your upcoming roof replacement in North Richland Hills, TX. Your choice of material often determines your roof’s estimated lifespan. For example, common asphalt shingles can last around 20 to 30 years while copper or tile roofs will last more than 50 years. Along with knowing your roofing material, monitoring your roof over the years can help you accurately pinpoint when you need a new roof installation.

North Richland Hills Roof Replacement

Learning to identify the signs of a failing roof will save you money and protect your home. Old shingles can begin to curl, crack, or fall away completely. They may leave bald spots on your roof as they fill your gutters with large granules. Constant sun exposure, inclement weather, and improper ventilation will all accelerate the aging of your shingles. Roofs older than 20 years tend to develop dark streaks that make them look worn-out and unappealing.

Moss is a common issue in cooler environments. This growth may initially seem like only a cosmetic problem, but it could also indicate a potential leak or moisture issue. Leaving an old roof in place for even a few months too long could result in water and pests getting inside the home.

These are a few benefits of getting a professional roof replacement in North Richland Hills.
  • Higher home resale value
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • New manufacturer’s warranty
  • Significant improvement to curbside appeal
  • Guaranteed peace of mind

Most residential roofs take around three to four days to replace. This process includes pulling all the old layers of shingles off as well as the drip edges and flashing. Depending on your roof type, you may opt to recycle your shingles while the rest is responsibly discarded. Our roofing team makes sure to leave no extra building materials, nails, or metal objects in your yard or landscaping. After checking for any repair concerns, our team will then lay down high-quality roofing paper before installing new edges and flashing. We’ll then install the shingles and complete any touch-ups in the eaves or around potential problem areas.