Insurance Claims in the Fort Worth, TX Area

Did you know? Most insurance companies will offer a payout of 33% LESS than what they can give you to repair your home. Let us help! We work closely with our own licensed insurance adjuster to make sure you get every penny your insurance company owes you!

Miller Storm Roofing & Reconstruction specializes in helping homeowners and businesses receive full compensation for damages incurred due to catastrophic storms. Most clients don’t know how to exercise their insurance coverage or who to trust when these situations arise. We pride ourselves on bringing you our experience, knowledge, and up-to-date industry information.

We walk with you one hundred percent of the way by handling the initial property inspection, inviting an adjuster to assess the damage, meeting with the adjuster, and thoroughly examining estimates. We work directly with the licensed adjuster as they assess each estimate to ensure you’re compensated for any missing items. We’ll then schedule our contractors accordingly so we can swiftly complete each job.

Being in a severe storm is stressful enough; for that reason, we’re the one-stop company that handles everything for you from start to finish.